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This is simply the best Sheiko program you can find

The world’s best chess player is a computer. The world’s best Go player is a computer. The world’s best ____ is a computer. See where this is going? At each turn the machines crunch the numbers and find the best way to move one step closer to victory. Like it or not, this is our world now. Only this time, the machine is on YOUR side.

How it works

You train Sheiko Gold, then it trains you

Your job is to lift. Let your coach — Sheiko Gold — figure out the right thing to do.

It’ll know when to give you harder work and when to give you easier work. It’s number one priority is getting you stronger while keeping you healthy. That is the mission.

You’ll do the right exercises, with the right weights, for the right number of sets and reps.

Ready? Do your preworkout check-in

Maybe you’re feeling extra energetic or maybe you’re fried from a long day at work. Whatever the situation you find yourself in, Sheiko Gold will cook up just what you need by looking at all your previous data and employing some fancy data analysis.

Record what you do

You won’t need to fumble around with a clumsy interface. No one has time for that. Your workout is neatly organized and the user interface is highly intuitive so that you can concentrate on lifting.


 This is GOLD, comrade. This isn’t Sheiko Silver! We do things that no one has ever done before.

Extensive physiological modeling

See the timer color change as you wait for your next set? That’s an estimate of your phosphocreatine (PCr) resynthesis. Yeah, that’s right. This thing is even thinking on a molecular level about what affects your performance.


“I was planning on taking a day off anyway but this is uncanny.”

-Sheiko Gold user


Sometimes you know you need a day off. And sometimes you need to be reminded. Sheiko Gold wants you to get stronger. But you can’t get gold if you’re watching the competition from the bench because you overdid things in training. There’s a fine balance and Sheiko Gold will manage it for you.


Find and fix weak points

Sheiko Gold will sometimes assign you new exercise variations to test out. See how you do with them then rate your performance post-workout.
Sheiko Gold will remember your ratings and take them into consideration when creating future workouts. You’ll probably be surprised to find out how useful this can be.

  • 1. Stress test new variations
  • 2. Identify weak areas for targeting
  • 3. Fix and progress

asked questions

1Do you think this app is better than alternatives?

Without any doubt. Next question.

2Do I have to tell the app my training schedule or how many days per week I plan to train?

No, Sheiko Gold will figure that out on its own. You can even change your schedules if you can’t do exactly the same every week. Just show up at the gym and it will give you the right thing for that moment, whenever it may be.

3Will the app peak me when I want?

Yes, whenever you want. You can either set a date and Sheiko Gold will automatically manage things or you can take manual control over your deloads to peak just the way you like.

4How powerful are the decisions the app makes?

Probably much better than a lot of people’s decisions. The app is not guessing. It has a long and perfect memory with no emotions to complicate things. It is not affected by ego, impulsiveness, laziness, boredom, etc. It is a machine with only one purpose.

5What kind of questions will it ask and will it keep a record of what I’ve already done?

It’ll ask you typical readiness questions about how you slept last night, feel right now both mentally and physically, etc. You’ve also got some optional inputs like HRV, RHR, & BF%. It’ll keep your records and you can even export them to CSV so you can play with the data. But like I said, this app will make better decisions than most people so just let it do the thinking and you do the lifting.

1Will the app progress me at the optimal rate?

Yes. It will not overwork you so that your progress slows and it will not under-work you either. It will efficiently extract all your gains like squeezing every last drop of juice from an orange. It will take you to your limit, either psychological or physical, and you’ll set PRs along the way. That’s the deal.

2How will the app select exercises to fix my weaknesses?

The app will assume nothing nor use any theory about weaknesses. It’ll treat each exercise variation it assigns as a stress test. Since each variation alters the stress profile of the lift in different ways, you’ll be able to see which areas you suck in through these stress tests. Once weaknesses are located, the app will hammer away at them. You might not like that but you’ll get stronger.

3How much does it cost and is it subscription-based?

There are several subscriptions options and one lifetime usage option that is not a subscription. Prices vary depending on country but you can expect very attractive pricing.

4Does the app have hypertrophy and strength blocks?

Yes, sort of. The first training period focuses more on training volume, variation, and more work is done with individual muscle groups. This period benefits technique and general development. The second period increases intensity, reduces variation, and doubles up compound exercise work. Use both of these in your training.

5Can I see my workouts in advance?

Yes, even though your workouts are created on demand, they are valid for 8 hours. So you can preview what you’ll need to prepare for later that day in case you need to pack any special items.

6How does the app structure long-term planning?

It has been given general objectives to work towards. Each day it looks for the best method to move towards those goals. It is very much like computerized chess player.


“I have only been training with BorisBot for a couple of months now but this is the first time in my years of training that I have loathed rest days and wanted to go and train again, every day. I know I am (almost) never going to miss a rep, I don’t dread an upcoming workout, and while some days might be pretty tough I have learned that BorisBot has my back and won’t let them crush me. Even having a real life coach doing my programming every week has never been this good. Very happy with my new coach.”
Sheiko Gold User (iOS)


“For a month, my wellness was erratic, and my training schedule was “Hell, I’ve got no time, and even less wellness”. Training was erratic – two to three sessions a week, and more on the two side. I though for sure I was going to get hurt, because that’s how it usually happens to me: life gets tough, I keep grinding, and circumstances get the best of me. Not on Boris’ watch, though. He always had my back. He knew that times were tough, and adjusted accordingly. When I wanted to push through, he held me back, because he knew where that leads. When I wanted to laze off, he told me that I’ve got a bit more in me than I thought. His workouts were not Instagram’s perfect idea of training, but honestly, they were perfect for the circumstances. Thank you for getting me through this in one piece, Boris”
Sheiko Gold User (Android)


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Oh yeah, one more thing. There are HUGE updates planned for Sheiko Gold. Everyone is going to be training like this in the future. Start now and get ahead while you still can.