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This is the smartest way to run Sheiko programs

Putting trusted weight training science to use has never been easier. Sheiko Gold’s A.I. coaching assistant will fine-tune your training, month to month, day to day, and even rep to rep in real-time.

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Pushing the limits is a risky business. Sheiko Gold’s intelligent load management system helps you stay safe as you grow stronger.


Ready for a workout? Simply ask the AI coach. It crunches the numbers and gives you the right workout, at the right time. It can handle any training frequency from 1 to 14 sessions per week, or even a schedule that changes from week to week.


You’re the boss! Sheiko Gold adapts to your pace, goals, and favorite exercises, instead of boxing you in. 

“Even having a real life coach doing my programming every week has never been this good. Very happy with my new coach.”

— App Store Review

See it in action below

Pre-workout Check-in

When you’re ready to train, tell Sheiko Gold how you’re feeling. Tell it how you slept, if you ate well, or have any aches. Some biometrics help, too.

Get Personalized Workout

Sheiko Gold has perfect recall and can understand your responses in context. It uses that data to create the right workout, at the right time. 

Do Workout

You’re ready to rock and roll! Log the workout as you go. If you don’t like an exercise, you can change it. Sheiko Gold will come up with something suitable as you go.

Rest & Recover

It’s just that easy! Go home, and rest up. Sheiko Gold will be waiting when you’re ready for the next round.

“I love that this app knows when I have been overtraining and lightens my program to avoid injury.”

— Google Play Review

Find Your Goal

Whatever you’re trying to achieve right now in the weight room, Sheiko Gold can probably help out. 

  • Get stronger on the squat, bench, and deadlift
  • Increase your rep maxes
  • Train for size and strength
  • Pump some iron
  • Or shed some excess body weight
  • Improve your technique
  • And more

Use Innovative Features

See the timer color change as you wait for your next set? That’s an estimate of your phosphocreatine (PCr) resynthesis. Rest a little longer on really hard sets and speed things up when warming up. Sheiko Gold makes it easy to do the right things. 

Get Stronger Together

“I was planning on taking a day off anyway but this is uncanny.” 

You’re most likely going to learn more about yourself the longer you use Sheiko Gold. You might know what you need but it’s also helpful to have reminders at times. 

Velocity Based Training

One of the best things you can do is connect a Velos-ID to Sheiko Gold. It’s like giving the A.I. a set of eyes. You’ll get real-time rep-by-rep feedback on screen and optionally over headphones. 

  • Develop more power
  • Optimize strength/fatigue ratio
  • Achieve hypertrophy stimulus
  • Improve technique by seeing what works
  • Calibrate your RIR/RPE estimates
  • And more


Do you think this app is better than alternatives?

For sure. This is Sheiko Gold, not silver. Next question.

Do I have to tell the app my training schedule or how many days per week I plan to train?

Only to get it started. After that Sheiko Gold will figure it out on its own. You can even change your schedule on the fly if you can’t do exactly the same every week. Just show up at the gym and it will give you the right thing for that moment, whenever it may be.

Will the app peak me when I want?

It depends on what you mean by “peak”. Sheiko Gold will manage your deload for planned 1RM tests. Training intensity remains fairly constant until the taper off before tests. You can expect your comp date performance to roughly match your pre-deload tests. The value is that your numbers will be predictable on a specific date.

How powerful are the decisions the app makes?

Probably much better than a lot of people’s decisions. We’re human and we tend to make rash decisions at times. But the A.I. is not affected by emotion or impulsiveness of any kind. 

What kind of questions will it ask and will it keep a record of what I’ve already done?

It’ll ask you typical subjective readiness questions about how you eat, sleep, and so on. You can also input any objective data you have, such as HRV and RHR. All your training data can be exported to CSV so you can play with the data however you like.

Will the app progress me at the optimal rate?

Yes. But that depends on what “optimal” is in reference to. Our goal is long-term and sustainable progress. We recognize that you won’t achieve greatness after only a year of training. So we’re optimizing to keep you lifting as heavy as possible, as often as possible, without incurring excess fatigue in the process. Do that for a few years and things will be pretty good for you.  

How will the app select exercises to fix my weaknesses?

You’ll tell it any weakness you know of during setup and that’ll get it started. After that, it will search for any other weaknesses as you go and bring those to your attention.

How does the app structure long-term planning?

Each block has its own objectives. You can manually select your blocks or run through them on a schedule that you have control over.

Does the app have hypertrophy and strength blocks?

Yes. Hypertrophy training is part of the off-season program. You’ve got a few options there for training styles and also for weight cuts. The competitive season starts with a technique block employing greater variation. The second period increases intensity, reduces variation, and doubles up compound exercise work. That’s your main strength block. Finally, the third period is your standard deload before a competition with pre-tests about 3 weeks out.

How much does it cost and is it subscription-based?

There are several subscriptions options and one lifetime option that is not a subscription. Prices vary depending on the country but you can expect very attractive pricing.

Can I see my workouts in advance?

Yes, even though your workouts are created on-demand, they are valid for 8 hours. So you can preview what you’ll need to prepare for later that day in case you need to pack any special items.